How do I get my dog to stop nipping, play biting, and mouthing?

This is one of the first questions we are asked in our puppy training class. Some dogs are more prone to this than other dogs. Breeds like the Belgian Malinois, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Huskies, etc are all, what we refer to as, “prey driven”, “herding” dogs; meaning, they instinctively want to herd and chase … Read more

Socializing a new Puppy

Why Is Socializing A New Puppy So Important? What is socialization and why is it so important? At our puppy class, we get asked about socializing a new puppy over and over, again. Here is the bottom line: Socialization is getting your puppy acquainted with as many different animals, people, smells, sights, sounds and different … Read more

Dog Skin Allergies and Ailments – How to Deal

Dealing with dog skin allergies and ailments can be extremely frustrating. You can’t ask your pet how she/he feels; you can only observe his/her behavior and treat the outward symptoms. As a pet owner we want our pup feeling great even when suffering with allergies. If you are accustomed to seeking out natural remedies for … Read more

Pack Leadership

As trainers, we consistently give people pointers and information on how to be the pack leader. Appropriate pack leadership is the key to a healthy, happy relationship between your dog and you. First, some background. What does it mean when we hear, “Dogs are pack animals.”? It simply means that dogs stick together and roam … Read more

Fixing Food Aggression in Dogs

At Off Leash K9 Training, we are deal with food aggression in dogs every day. Many people ask, “How can I stop food aggression with my dog?” First, food aggression in dogs can be caused by numerous factor including poor pack leadership, food desperation where the dog doesn’t know if or when he will get … Read more

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