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Off Leash K9 Training of Tulsa has expanded! Our style of training encompasses the core beliefs and philosophy of consistency, fairness, and crystal clear communication that will turn your dog into a well-behaved member of society in any situation.

Off Leash K9 Training of Oklahoma is a dedicated AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator and is a Certified Pet Evaluator through Therapy Pets Unlimited.

Meet The Off Leash K9 Team

Perry Bruce

Perry has always loved animals, especially dogs since he grew up with them. He began his career working for a local pet store in Owasso, Oklahoma where he worked from age 14 until he graduated from Tulsa Community College. He then transferred and moved to Edmond, Oklahoma with his dog, Brindey. He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Biology degree and a Business minor.

Perry was hired by a local oil and gas company where he started in the field as a trainee and quickly advanced to Account manager of Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. He now has four dogs: Brindey, an 8-year-old Boxer; Apollo, a 4-year-old Shepherd mix; Pebbles, a 3-year-old Jack Russel mix; and Zaylie, a 2-year-old Boxer. After 5 successful years in the oil and gas industry, he decided to change careers and do something much more rewarding and enjoyable to him, working with dogs! He looks forward to helping customers with their furry family members.

Perry joined globally recognized dog training business Off Leash K9 Training in order to give dogs amazing obedience and owner’s peace-of-mind! Perry believes that your dogs should compliment your life, not complicate it!

Maegan Clare

Maegan is a dedicated professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Central Oklahoma. Since November 2017, she has been passionately involved as a trainer at Off Leash K9 Training, where her enthusiasm knows no bounds. Together with trainer Devon, they are the proud owners of Off Leash K9 Springfield, serving the Springfield/Branson area since August 2019. Maegan’s true joy lies in working with dogs, believing that owning a dog should enrich life experiences rather than hinder them!

Micah Cox

Micah Cox’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to animals and a lifelong pursuit of excellence in canine training. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she grew up internationally, fostering a deep connection with various cultures and experiences. Her passion for animals took root as she actively participated in international rescue, agriculture, and game photography.

Her academic path led her to Oklahoma State University, where she earned a degree in Animal Science-Ranch Operations and a certificate in Equine Enterprise Management. Her diverse interests led her to experiences at the Edmon Low Library, a brief stint in polo, and a transformative internship at Brush Creek Kennel, where her calling as an Assistant Trainer emerged. There, she honed her skills training various breeds and canine types, specializing in German Shepherds, from personal protection dogs to cherished family pets and Schutzhund competitors.

Micah’s impressive accomplishments include six dogs with coveted Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles, including the prestigious Urban CGC. She fearlessly competed in demanding arenas like Schutzhund and ACK scent work, highlighting her unwavering commitment to canine excellence. She is an AKC CGC evaluator, and loves training people on how to train their dogs to achieve one too. Currently, she channels her expertise into developing her beloved companion, Zane, a Heinz 57 breed, for advanced obedience and tracking, and dock diving achievements. Micah Cox’s passion for training knows no bounds, making her the dedicated partner you need in your dog’s journey to excellence.

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About Off Leash K9 Training
Dog Trainers Recognized Around The World!
Nick White, Founder of Off Leash K9 Training
Photo: A&E

Off Leash K9 Training Founder, Nick White is a former US Marine and US Secret Service agent. He has trained with some of the best dog trainers in the world. Nick is also the host of A&Es hit show, “America’s Top Dog.”

Nick currently holds a world record in obedience for achieving the longest down from a distance – 350 yards.  This was achieved during his 5-day private training seminar in Baton Rouge, LA and it was officially recognized by the World Record Academy on March 23rd, 2015.

Off Leash K9 Training is comprised of off leash dog trainers with experience and training ranging from the US Marine Corps, DOD, US Secret Service, and the private sector! We train dogs to be 100% Obedient and 100% Off-Leash! Your dog could be trained to have the same level of obedience as most police/military working dogs!

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